Leadership and Team Diversity

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June 7, 2018
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June 21, 2018
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Leadership is lonely, and the answer is not to surround yourself by people who agree with you!

Diversity enhances the power of a team because it is true.

Many decisions affecting the largest numbers of people in our society are made by homogeneous groups. In many businesses, the closer to the top you go, the more homogeneous is the leadership team.

To be a sustainably successful leader in our modern diverse fast moving world, we must avoid the apparent comfort of homogeneity, of surrounding ourselves with like-minded team members, and we must be allergic to group-think.

Leadership is lonely. We are not here to be liked or adored. Equally we will not lead well for long by being feared. Hopefully we will be respected. As Anne Scoular says in her book ‘Business Coaching’, “The higher you climb, the less chartered the waters & the more you have to make your own, often difficult, judgement calls … & convey your genuine vision compellingly….. Little of that can be taught, though a lot can be coached.†The point is, don’t answer leadership loneliness by building around you a homogeneous team.

Our generation’s great leaders will embrace leadership that is constantly trying to improve, that asks questions and wants to confront the tough answers, that truly believes life is not a test it is an opportunity for learning. This leadership understands that a diverse team will by definition bring different perspectives to the room, will represent the true World in which we operate, and will lead to better thinking. Diversity enhances the power of a team because it is true.

Peter Soer
Peter Soer
Peter combines experience as a coach, marketing leader & someone who has faced the fear of being found out. He harnesses this experience with his natural optimism & determination, to help people thrive in their work and enjoy the life they want. To achieve our dreams, we have 2 resources, time and energy – so use them well.

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