The most valuable coaching experience ever. I’ve had numerous coaches throughout my career, but Peter went deeper and unlocked greater insight right from the very first session. I laughed and cried, he listened with empathy and poked relentlessly. Uplifting. Enlightening. Transformational.

Global VP of Brands

Medical Company

Working with Peter was extremely valuable for me. His extensive leadership experience allows him to really provide valuable insights and perspectives to the numerous challenges that I was experiencing and going through. He can quickly diagnose difficult situations and provides structured and pragmatic frameworks that can serve as tools to navigate them. Thank you Peter!

SVP Technology

Global Media Company

I can’t recommend Peter highly enough as a coach – his extensive experience uniquely places him as being able to balance and navigate leadership and personal development with a great understanding of the mechanics of business and the commercial realities facing leaders. Allied to this, he is fully armed with a useful and practical suite of development tools, frameworks and references which I was able to fully leverage within my organisation.

General Manager

UK National Foods business

I had the privilege of being coached by Peter over the course of a year, and I can honestly say the time spent with him has been transformative. Peter has a unique combination of natural coaching skills and the backdrop of a top-level Marketing career, all of which creates an amazing sense of empathy and practicality. This is all delivered in his inimitable style of warmth and optimism. From existential questions about the role of Marketing in my organisation to dealing with specific personnel challenges, via helping me uncover my own personal ‘purpose’, no topic was off-limits and I can’t recommend Peter enough as a professional coach.

Chief Marketing Officer

UK Media Owner

Peter is an incredibly powerful coach. Through his calm and empathetic demeanor he is able to make the most complicated situations seem so simple, leaving you with the feeling that anything is possible! I believe that Peter achieves such powerful outcomes due to the combination of his natural leadership and inside knowledge of the corporate world. It has been a privilege to work with Peter over the last few months.

Social Media. Head of Marketing EMEA

Financial Services

I’ve had the good fortune to benefit professionally from Peter’s coaching. He is tremendously skilled at looking beyond behaviours to help you understand your deeper motives and drivers and how this can impact your day to day performance. The understanding and insight he helps build have enabled me to have more impact, greater self-awareness and belief in myself.

VP Marketing


Peter came to me at a time I really needed. My career was progressing at a pleasing rate but I was struggling with the transition from Manager to leader. He also helped build my confidence so I was ready to take on these new challenges. His approach was really calm but focused…I always came away from our sessions with clear actions and feeling like a better version of myself. Peter used his training and knowledge in a way that felt very specific to me and not abstract theory that could apply to anyone. It was a great fit for me and I can’t recommend Peter highly enough.

Managing Editor

National Media channel

Peter was my coach last summer, in a period that was very important for me to decide and prepare for my next career move. Through his structured, clear approach and most importantly through his care and important insights, Peter gave me an amazing support to figure out what I want to do next and prepare well for addressing the areas I need to focus on to get there. He is a great listener, a caring advisor and a well-versed and experienced business man, a combination that was exactly what I needed from a coach to find the clarity and inspiration to focus on what matters and go for it

VP Human Resources


Working with Peter has been incredibly easy. He was guiding our sessions in an absolutely non-invasive and respecting way, sensing when and what to ask and yet steering a bit deeper with every turn, as if letting you walk your own self-discovery path, where a possible next unknown may bring light to the choices you make or about to make. It has been a very enriching experience with the right balance of insight and techniques to navigate the big corporate world. Great experience, thank you for your support!

Head of Strategy

International Bank

Working with Peter allowed me to clearly identify what was holding me back and where to focus in order to progress. Breaking down goals and anticipating likely obstacles gave me confidence as well as a clear plan and someone to hold me to it! Peter’s combination of coaching skills and his previous experience as a Marketing heavyweight made our sessions invaluable. I’d recommend him to anyone who is serious about their own development.

Head of Account Management

Communications Agency

Peter's coaching with me has been instrumental in helping me improve my leadership performance. Unlike other coaches, Peter encourages you to dig deep to understand the root causes behind the behaviors you are trying to change. Also, his insider knowledge of the corporate world at senior level and his extensive understanding of the marketing functions make him an ideal coach for marketing leaders.

Marketing Director


It is hard to isolate the skill that best defines Peter, but I am certain in the knowledge that I would not be where I am today without his wise counsel, gentle guidance and consistent engagement. His depth of knowledge is only matched by his depth of empathy and understanding, qualities that underpin top class coaches, of which Peter is certainly one. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Peter.


I followed a personal coaching program with Peter for about a year. His empathetic, creative and compassionate style was helpful to feel comfortable enough to open up and adapt his teachings and guidance. Peter’s wide array of tools and theoretical background at hand combined with the personal exercises and interaction were instrumental to make a leapfrog progress in the areas where I felt it was needed. I can say that the coaching program with Peter has had a tremendous positive impact on my personal growth and highly recommend him.

Senior Investment Officer

Ethical Bank

Working with Peter has been an incredible journey from start to finish. Peter’s natural warmth, empathy and generosity, together with his vast experience in senior marketing roles combines to provide a superb platform from which to grow and develop new thoughts and behaviours which I’ve no doubt will benefit me and my teams for a long time to come. Using his unique way of pulling the answers out when it feels like there is no clear answer, Peter has really helped me to define a future career path which seemed so unclear when we first met.

Business Development Director

National Media Owner