Why Bravely Honestly Generously?


The values we believe in, want to live up to, and share.

In 1994 when Shirley and I married, we chose these words to engrave inside our wedding rings - the values we believe in, want to live up to, and share. Taking Bravery for example, as newly weds we went to live in a new city - Shanghai, with new jobs, our first son to be born 4months after moving, and embarked on a new life chapter.

At work, I have often pushed myself to raise the difficult questions which need to be solved but are being avoided. I do not always live up to the standards I set myself, but when I fall short, I strive to learn. Life is not a test, but it is a constant opportunity to learn and develop. I am purposeful, and I believe that when we live bravely, honestly, generously those around us are more likely to do so as well. After all, we get the teams we deserve! And I know that I am a better human by being with Shirley and our two wonderful sons Will and Hugo, from whom I learn all the time.

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